Letter to Linus

Letter to Linus

Letter to Linus combines prose and poetic language in a wide-ranging commentary on creative writing itself. It is structured both by the short lines on the six faces of the cube and the six boldface words that also form a kind of poetic refrain: cut, shut, blow, break, take, lock. The picture that emerges is of a struggle between creative potentiality and the juridical and economic forces that would regulate, patent, and encrypt language.


Author description: A hypercube is a work of electronic fiction based on the structure of a cube. It comprises six pages, each of which links to four others. Letter to Linus uses the form of a hypercube to explore, through six points of view, the politics of electronic literature.

Instructions: Click on one of the "faces" of the hypercube to move to another page of the text.

Previous publication: Letter to Linus was written and performed for the "Night at the Cybertexts" performance at the Digital Arts and Culture conference on April 27, 2001 at Brown University. It was posted to the web in June 2001, appearing in HTML and VRML formats. It was performed again in 2004 at E-Fest at Brown University. An edited version of the work appears in the piece Word Museum composed for the Brown University CAVE.

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