JABBER: The Jabberwocky Engine

Watch words appear in alphabet soup.

Size: 750 K.
Requires Java Plug-In on Windows & Unix machines.

JABBER produces nonsense words that sound like English words, in the way that the portmanteau words from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky sound like English words.

When a letter comes into contact with another letter or group of letters, a calculation occurs to determine whether they bond according to the likelihood that they would appear contiguously in the English lexicon. Clusters of letters accumulate to form words, which results in a dynamic nonsense word sound poem floating around on the screen with each iteration of the generator.

JABBER realises a linguistic chemistry with letters as atoms and words as molecules.

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- Blue words are word fragments (or entire words)
- Green words are compound words created from two blues ones.
- Red words are garbage words that will explode.