Universo molécula


Universo molécula offers a visual metaphor of the creative process in which the reader is understood as a wreader (writer + reader). It also offers a creative redefinition of the concept of "poetry" that includes free verse poetry, nuclear poetry, axial poetry, molecular poetry. Thus we can find here a deep reflection on the essence of poetry itself, as well as a reflection on the production of meaning and the possibilities of reading. Universo molécula is a work that allows us to envision what the new scenarios for electronic literature could be in the future.


Author description: Written in Spanish, Universo molécula is a work that links the molecular structure of matter (made by two or three atoms united by a force of electrical origin called link), with the working of the literary language (and, more specifically, poetic language). This molecular universe is inhabited by some different textual typologies (images, sounds and words), and we can go through different kinds of navigation, reader immersion and interaction. It is a rich and complex poetic system that, like molecules, uses different forms of representation to adjust to various complexities: from the most simple to three-dimensional models.

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Previous publication: Universo molécula was the winner of the "Ciutat de Vinaròs Digital Literature Award" 2007.

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