Semantic Disturbances

Semantic Disturbances

This set of single-screen networked pieces operates like photographs of the very self-generation of the internet, exploding the image with algorithmically determined deformations that quickly overwhelm the space of the monitor, as the letters and image pour into the invisible spaces beyond the frame and thus control of the user. Enacting an anarchic deconstruction of the power of the text/image complex, semiotic slippages are provoked and made visible via the operations of simple control or counter-control algorithms. These aren't images made for passive consumption but rather antidotes against the totalizing functionality of the societal spectacle.


Author description: Reinforcing changing attitudes and roles toward art, religion and technology. Experimental research using Google search results. Textual fragments found on the Web are programmatically rearranged, deformed or crushed, deconstructing and re-contextualizing the actual text. By applying this strategic process new, dismantling and reorienting contexts arise, not directly conforming to the mundanity of the original result listings.

Instructions: This work requires an internet connection and the Firefox browser.

Previous publication: Winter 2005/ Spring 2006

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.