_cross.ova.ing 4rm.blog.2.log 07/08 XXtracts_

_cross.ova.ing 4rm.blog.2.log 07/08 XXtracts_

Mez has been at the center of the center-less discourse about networks, writing and codework ever since the listserv started to be a vehicle for the dissemination of artistic ideas among artists. Rather than explore or critique network communication from an implied "outside," however, mez has situated herself within the very operations of the network, her writing never entirely separating itself from the protocols that govern the transportation and presentation of words and images. The bountiful work of mez is everywhere but nowhere, the mystical overtones are intentional as she calls her digital-creole "mezangelle", and this most software-aware project is actually software independent, as mez has no patience or capacity for operating within the fixity of an "application," not to mention that of the person, place or nation-state.


Author description: _cross.ova.ing ][4rm.blog.2.log][_ is a "netwurk repository" that's been in operation since 2003. these "wurks" r inscribed using the infamous polysemic language system termed _mezangelle_. this language evolved/s from multifarious computer code>social_networked>imageboard>gamer>augmented reality flavoured language/x/changes. 2 _mezangelle_ means 2 take words>wordstrings>sentences + alter them in such a way as 2 /x/tend + /n/hance meaning beyond the predicted +/or /x/pected. _mezangelling_ @tempts 2 /x/pand traditional text parameters thru layered/alternative/code based meanings /m/bedded in2 meta-phonetic renderings of language. _cross.ova.ing ][4rm.blog.2.log][ /m/ploys a base standard of code>txt in order 2 evoke imaginative renderings rather than motion-based>flashy graphics.

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