Sound Poems

Sound Poems

Piringer, an accomplished programmer and concrete poet in the tradition of the Swiss concretists, has produced a wide variety of work over the past decade, including a compelling group of abstract text videos, apps for the iPhone, and visual/audio material enacted live in VJ-like contexts. soundpoems investigates what it would be like for individual letters, and the sounds associated with them, to be automata in the Flatland of the screen. Like Neil Hennessy's JABBER, soundpoems often invokes the basic computer experiment, the "Game of Life," allowing letters to interact, reject each other, eat each other, etc. based on the principles of a few simple algorithms.


Author description: These soundpoems are interactive phonetic poems. Minimal abstract poetry. Games for sampled voice.

Instructions: Flash required.

Previous publication: 2002-2008

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.