Argh! There are no queers here. You're wasting your time.\n\n[[Back to the ship.|Starmap2]]
<html><img src="title.gif"></html>\n\n[[Star systems online.|Starmap1]]
There is - well, it's not quite a "voice," yet, or if it is, it's a voice calling from a great distance. There's something here that's calling out - calling out for you?\n\nBy some sense you're unable to describe, you intuitively know where it's calling from.\n\n[[North!|RightDirection]]\n[[North-east!|RightDirection]]\n[[East!|RightDirection]]\n[[South-east!|RightDirection]]\n[[South!|RightDirection]]\n[[South-west!|RightDirection]]\n[[West!|RightDirection]]\n[[North-west!|RightDirection]]
"Yes, it is, isn't it? Mama has given you all this. A world of your own, one where you finally have the FREEDOM to love as you want." You can feel the laser guns aimed at your back. You find Trudie's hand, and she gives you a squeeze.\n\n"It wasn't always like this. I'm sure you know. After all, you were just out there," she gestures expansively with her sceptre. "Lesbionica represents the fulfilment of ages of effort. We all had to make sacrifices."\n\n[["What kind of sacrifices?"|Sacrifices]]\n[["Like the air, the smell, the roving bands of cops who kidnap you just when you're about to hook up?"|Complaints]]
Your navcomputer blinks online. There's only one place left to explore:\n\n<<if $planet1 eq "unexplored">>[[A small, dusty-looking planet.|GayWorld]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet2 eq "unexplored">>[[A strange-looking purple world.|GayWorld]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet3 eq "unexplored">>[[What seems more like a large asteroid than a planet.|GayWorld]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet4 eq "unexplored">>[[A planet spinning on its side in the void.|GayWorld]]<<endif>>
You turn on your navcomputer and scan the Quasar Quadrant. Your heartbeat is as loud as the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP as your sensors grope in the darkness. Then - BING! Your heart almost jumps out of your chest. An inhabited planet - the only one in the quadrant. That has to be it.\n\nThat has to be [[Lesbionica.|Lesbionica]]
Your navcomputer blinks online. The following planets remain unexplored:\n\n<<if $planet1 eq "unexplored">>[[A small, dusty-looking planet.|CaveWorld1]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet2 eq "unexplored">>[[A strange-looking purple world.|CaveWorld2]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet3 eq "unexplored">>[[What seems more like a large asteroid than a planet.|CaveWorld3]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet4 eq "unexplored">>[[A planet spinning on its side in the void.|CaveWorld4]]<<endif>>
Your navcomputer blinks online. The following planets remain unexplored:\n\n<<if $planet1 eq "unexplored">>[[A small, dusty-looking planet.|WaterWorld1]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet2 eq "unexplored">>[[A strange-looking purple world.|WaterWorld2]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet3 eq "unexplored">>[[What seems more like a large asteroid than a planet.|WaterWorld3]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet4 eq "unexplored">>[[A planet spinning on its side in the void.|WaterWorld4]]<<endif>>
Your navcomputer blinks online. You have coordinates for the following unexplored planets in your database:\n\n<<if $planet1 eq "unexplored">>[[A small, dusty-looking planet.|DesertWorld1]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet2 eq "unexplored">>[[A strange-looking purple world.|DesertWorld2]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet3 eq "unexplored">>[[What seems more like a large asteroid than a planet.|DesertWorld3]]<<endif>>\n<<if $planet4 eq "unexplored">>[[A planet spinning on its side in the void.|DesertWorld4]]<<endif>>
"Well, I accepted. They gave me wealth, weapons, technology - whatever I asked for. So long as we stay on this planet. Our Paradise."\n\n[["That's supposed to be Paradise? Living on a tiny grey rock in the middle of nowhere?"|ParadiseNOT1]]\n[["Huh, did you say 'weapons?'"|Weapons]]
"H-hold on! I don't know the slightest thing about dancing!" you argue. "I wouldn't want to step on the Queen's toes!"\n\n"Not very likely," says the cop, "while you're licking them."\n\n<<display "Captured">>
It's some kind of ancient cave drawing!\n\n[[Dust it off.|CaveHeteros]]
"You don't know what it was LIKE," the Queen snaps, punctuation her accusation with the thump of her staff on the floor. "The Federation was scared of our kind. They would have swept us from the galaxy. But I made a deal with them. I got us this planet, where we can be free."\n\nYour fellow captive squeezes your hand again.\n\n"And they certainly made it worth our while."\n\n[["What do you mean?"|Whileaway]]
You descend through a perfect blue sky piled with pure white clouds, toward a glittering emerald of an island bobbing on a crystal sea. This is paradise! You're home!\n\nYou pull off your space boots before stepping into the soft green grass that nuzzles your ankles like a thousand happy cats.\n\nIt's perfect. But where is everyone?\n\n[[Suddenly, something tugs at your mind!|PsychicConnection]]
"Oh?" she mocks, leaning towards you with a patronizing smile on her face. "And what is it I don't have?"\n\n[["Freedom."|Freedom]]\n[["Me."|Me]]
"Comin' up, ma'am."\n\nThe barkeep turns to his liquors. You can feel the sizzle of a hundred glares on your back. You stare forward, keeping cool behind your shades.
Your ship sinks through a thick grey smog, a blanket shrouding the planet. Finally, shapes start to emerge - the battered tin boxes of prefab buildings, the litter of unkept streets. This can't be your Paradise Planet.\n\nWith a soft tremor like a tummy rumble, the ship touches down. And the door slowly opens on the grey glow of [[daylight.|Lesbians]]
Total dead end. Well, at least that makes exploring easier.\n\n[[Double back.|CaveForkRedux]]
You are in a large open space - a common room, maybe? - with entrances to smaller spaces in all directions.\n\n[[Go north.|CaveNorth]]\n[[Try south.|CaveSouth]]\n[[Slip east.|CaveEast]]\n[[Head west.|CaveWest]]
When you arrive at the Queen's palace, you and Trudie are handed off to some servants who strip you of your clothes, your weapons, your gear, and replace them with scanty little dancer's outfits.\n\nTrudie, whenever she has a moment alone with you, says something supportive. "Wow, you're hecka pretty."\n\nThen the two of you are hustled at laserpoint to [[the Queen's Chamber.|QueenLesbionica]]
<<set $planet3 = "explored">><<display 'CaveWorld'>>
<<set $planet2 = "explored">><<display 'CaveWorld'>>
<<set $planet4 = "explored">><<display 'CaveWorld'>>
You turn and storm out of the place, glad your shades are there to hide your tears.\n\n"Wait!" calls a voice after you.\n\n[["What is it?"|WhatIsIt]]\n[["Fuck off."|FuckOff]]
"Conquest, eh? To see the fleet of Lesbionica soar from world to world, taking what it pleases? Heh. There are those among my forces who surely feel as you do." You hear grumbles and the shaking of heads behind you, but you don't hear anyone lower their guns.\n\n"What need have I of conquest? Everything I want, I am given." She looks smugly between you and Trudie, standing shoulder-to-shoulder now in your skimpy little suits.\n\n[["You're a coward."|Coward]]\n[["You don't have everything."|Everything]]
Whoa! You slip and tumble down another incline, getting a faceful of dust. Pulling yourself to your feet, you pat yourself off and take a look around.\n\n<<display 'CaveIntersection'>>
That was kinda fun.\n\nNow it seems you've reached an intersection. The tunnel branches to the left and to the right. You're going to have to make a guess.\n\n[[Left!|CaveDeadEnd]]\n[[No, right!|CaveDeadEnd]]
"A whole arsenal. A whole fleet. Starships enough to fill the skies if I gave the word."\n\n[["Then why remain here on this little rock?"|Why]]
<<display 'Traitor'>>\n\n[["This is a prison, not a paradise!"|ParadiseNOT2]]\n[["What are these weapons you keep mentioning?"|Weapons]]
<<set $planet1 = "explored">><<display 'CaveWorld'>>
You return to the intersection and keep going straight.\n\n[[Heh heh. Honey, I can't even THINK str--|CaveTumble]]
<<display 'Traitor'>>\n\n[["What are these weapons you keep mentioning?"|Weapons]]
Your ship sets down on a blasted desert world. With your dust-goggles and o2-mask on, you gaze at an endless brown horizon, unable to pick out the place where the ground becomes the sky.\n\nCould there be gay people here? You guess you can look around.\n\n[[Look under a rock.|Rock1]]\n[[Dig a hole.|Hole1]]
<<display 'ComingUp'>>\n\n"Here ya go, little lady," says the Barkeep, setting before you a drink that fades from yellow up top to purple at the bottom, two ice magnet spheres slowly orbiting each other, mixing the colors.\n\nYou take a drink. He mixes 'em too sweet, but this'll certainly get you buzzed. Really, it's the least he could do for you.\n\n"Hey," he says in a low voice. "Are you looking for Lesbionica?"\n\nYou almost spit out your drink!\n\n[["What do you know about Lesbionica?!"|Barkeep]]
"Yes," she says, in a voice that suddenly sounds like angels singing. "This is Lesbionica."\n\n"Welcome home."\n\nAnd she [[takes your hand.|Troops]]
You dig and dig, but what you dig ain't here.
<<set $caveexplored = $caveexplored + 1>>Just an empty room carved into the dirt. Boring.\n\n[[Return to the big room.|CaveIntersection]]\n<<if $caveexplored gte 2>>[[Hey, wait! There's something on the wall here.|CaveDrawing]]<<endif>>
"I was once like you," the Queen snarls, pointing her jeweled staff at your throat. "A troublemaker. I had the Federation running scared. But I could see the writing on the wall. A scared Federation is one with its finger on the trigger. So I made a deal."\n\n[["A deal?|Deal]]
"Is that so?" She seems tickled by this suggestion. "You and your girlfriend stand before me, slaves. In what way, pet, do I fail to possess you?" she whispers through her teeth, her face nose-to-nose with you, her jeweled staff trailing up your thigh.\n\n[[GRAB HER!!|Revolution]]
"Ha!" she laughs. "If I let you, I'm sure you'd tell me I am just as much a prisoner as you. But I am not the one who stands before a Queen, a slave," she whispers through her teeth, her face nose-to-nose with you, her jeweled staff trailing up your thigh.\n\n[[GRAB HER!!|Revolution]]
"Ha! And who would lead my armies to conquest, little prisoner?" She leans toward you, a patronizing smile on her face. "You? "\n\n[["Yes."|Yes]]\n[["Our people belong to the stars."|Stars]]
"There was a time," the Queen says, "when all of the Federation quaked with fear of our kind. They were suspicious. We were a threat." She clutches her staff ponderously.\n\n"And threats to an Empire are never safe. But I struck a deal with them."\n\n[["A deal?"|TheDeal]]
You step out of your ship, your eyes adjusting to the foggy light. The first thing you see is two forms on a bench nearby. A topless chick is pressing a mohawked femme down against the bench, her hand busy between the babe's legs. The femme's leg is over her partner, the painted claws of her toenails scraping the chick's back. In public! Unmolested!\n\nTheir eyes burning into each other like two stars colliding. The look in their eyes is fire. The curl of their lips is freedom.\n\nGod, you've almost jizzed yourself already. "Hi there," someone says. You turn around to see a chubby girl with an eyepatch over one nipple [[smiling at you.|Homecoming]]
Nope. No babes under this rock.
.passage {\n color: #ffffff;\n font-size: 28px;\n width: 700px;\n border-left: 0px;\n}\n\na.internalLink { color: magenta; }\na.internalLink:hover { color: yellow; } \n
<<set $planet4 = "explored">><<display 'WaterWorld'>>
You grab her staff, twisting it in her grip. Trudie hits the floor, the guards' guns still pointed at you. You move around behind the Queen, forcing her staff to her throat. Having put the Queen between yourself at the laserguns, the guards don't fire. Or maybe they just choose not to. Queen Lesbionica struggles with all her might, but she's neither as young nor as strong as you. You feel her body tremble one last time and go still. You take the staff away from her throat, letting her body fall to the floor.\n\n(Don't worry, she's just unconscious.)\n\n[[Take the crown.|Victory]]
<<set $planet2 = "explored">><<display 'WaterWorld'>>
<<set $planet3 = "explored">><<display 'WaterWorld'>>
"As long as our people stay on this planet and don't threaten the rest of the galaxy," she says, they'll provide us with wealth, weapons, technology, everything."\n\nShe smiles mockingly.\n\n"Well, they'll provide ME."\n\n[["Traitor!"|Traitor1]]\n[["Did you say weapons?"|Weapons]]
<<set $planet1 = "explored">><<display 'WaterWorld'>>
"You will do no such thing. You will live, and die, in service to your Queen, a happy resident of Lesbionica," she whispers through her teeth, her face nose-to-nose with you, her jeweled staff trailing up your thigh.\n\n[[GRAB HER!!|Revolution]]
A rounded room. Some effort has been made to smooth the walls of this room so that the walls seem kind of round, like the inside of a dome. Still kinda bumpy though. And there's nothing helpful here.\n\n[[Return to the big room.|CaveIntersection]]
<<display 'Rock'>>\n\n[[Dig a hole.|Hole2]]
<<display 'Rock'>>\n\n<<display 'LeaveDesertWorld'>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $planet1 = "unexplored">>\n<<set $planet2 = "unexplored">>\n<<set $planet3 = "unexplored">>\n<<set $planet4 = "unexplored">>\n<<set $caveexplored = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>All your life it's been the same. In the east spiral or the west, no matter what spaceport you tumble into, be it the roughest, seediest hive of scum and villainy, everyone asks: "where's your boyfriend?"\n\nAnd you have no shortage of applicants. You thought you were fluent at Galactic Basic, but no one seems to understand you when you say "I'm not interested in guys!" Your lasgun ends up having to do the talking for you. The number of star systems you've had to flee you can count on your knuckles.\n\nWell, enough! You've heard rumors of a secret paradise planet where people like you can be people like you, a glittering world where women walk arm-in-arm with women, where you can feel the heat of a lady's reciprocating gaze without having to feel the burn of a thousand judgemental stares on your skin.\n\nLesbionica. The gay planet. [[Let's find it.|Title]]
This room tapers to a small depression in the far corner. There are some little plants growing there. This must have been the poo hole. Well, that's all the exploring you want to do of a poo hole this old.\n\n[[Return to the big room.|CaveIntersection]]
"You belong to no one but me, little bitch. You will die here, mine," she whispers through her teeth, her face nose-to-nose with you, her jeweled staff trailing up your thigh.\n\n[[GRAB HER!!|Revolution]]
<<display 'ParadiseNOT'>>\n\n[["What are these weapons you keep mentioning?"|Weapons]]
"Lotsa women come through here looking for it. Women pursued by a hunger that won't stop gnawing, carrying a loneliness wider than the spiral and deeper than space."\n\nYou stare at him, the shades low on your face now and the sadness in your eyes almost definitely showing.\n\n"I can tell you where it is. It's not far. Look in the Quasar Quadrant."\n\nYou tip him heavy and wobble back to your ship, your pounding heart threatening to knock you over. Could it really be [[nearby?|Starmap5]]
This planet is just a rock. A big grey scab tumbling through space. But wait, your sensors pick up a single life source on the planet, one artificial structure on the whole rock.\n\nYou land your ship at its feet. Then, putting on your UV shades, you step out to assess what you've found. The building looks like a tin can, but what makes your heart skip a beat is the glowing neon sign like a god's words in laserlite: GAY WORLD.\n\n[[IN IN IN IN IN.|GayBar]]
You pat your shoulder as you enter the cave, and the litebeam attached to your star poncho flickers on.\n\nIt looks like this tunnel immediately dips. You'll have to get down on your butt and scuttle down the incline.\n\n[[Scuttle that butt.|CaveFork]]
"You should be GRATEFUL!" the Queen growls. "They gave us - I gave us - a whole world where we're allowed to be ourselves! They gave us PARADISE, and the weapons to defend it! Oh, I've met girls like you," she points her staff. "Girls who are never satisfied with what they're given. They want the whole galaxy in their handbags."\n\nShe fixes you with a look like slow murder.\n\n"You'll learn how good you have it here. If I have to teach you myself."
Yes! You can hear it more clearly now - it's definitely for you! You're being summoned, you're certain. You press on, the voice growing louder. Your head is tingling like it's being tickled by tiny flowers.\n\nYou arrive at a cliff overlooking a sparkling beach. It's too steep to descend, too high to jump. But already, the voice is tugging you in the right direction.\n\n[[Go left!|DazzleBeach]]\n[[Go right!|DazzleBeach]]
<<display 'Hole'>>\n\n<<display 'LeaveDesertWorld'>>
You land on a world with a red sky and black-brown earth. A cool wind blows as you step out to survey the landscape.\n\nThere's a cave here. Looking closer, you realize this cave entrance has been smoothed out - it's been carved with tools! Could they have been gay tools??\n\n[[Let's get to the bottom of this!|CaveEntrance]]
You place the Queen's crown onto your head. "No longer shall we live in exile on this remote planet! We shall inherit the stars!" As the guards cheer and praise you as the new Queen, you grab Trudie and pull her into a wet kiss. Surprised, she moans hot into your mouth, reaching around to give your ass a squeeze.\n\nA chain of drool links your mouths as you finally break the kiss and raise your staff to the sky.\n\n[["Today the world, tomorrow the galaxy!"|TheEnd]]
"Just arrived, huh?" Her smile is like an opening door. Her eyes twinkling like the future.\n\nYou stand paralyzed that someone is going to pinch you and you're gonna wake up, alone in space. Well, if someone has to pinch you, at least it can be this cutie.\n\nYou watch her, your overwhelmed consciousness fluttering between the sounds of hungry moaning from behind you and the pink of her heart-shaped lips. Finally you manage to collect enough words to say something.\n\n[["Is this Lesbionica??|Welcome]]\n[["Tell me this is Lesbionica!|Welcome]]\n[["This is Lesbionica, right?!|Welcome]]
<<display 'ParadiseNOT'>>\n\n[["You! You're a traitor to us all!"|Traitor2]]\n[["What are these weapons you keep mentioning?"|Weapons]]
Something is peeking out of the sea, a tiny hump in the middle of the perfect placid mirror of the water. Slowly it gets bigger, rising up until it's towering over you - some kind of smooth blue whale, lifting itself on gossamer wings until its incredible silhouette blots out the sun like an eclipse.\n\nYou feel a wave wash over you - but it's not the water, for the leviathan's emergence made barely a ripple. It's the creature's psychic presence, crashing over you like a tsunami, surrounding you on all sides. You are in the prescence of an enormous mind.\n\nIt wants to make contact with you.\n\n[[Open your mind to the psychic maelstrom.|Commune]]
You follow the cliff until you find a slope leading you down the cliff face, almost a staircase massaged into the rock wall by ages of gentle tides.\n\nYour bare feet sink into the soft sand like an angel flopping onto a cloud for a good night's sleep.\n\nIt's nearby! You can hear it chattering in your ears like the sounds of a living forest, buzzing, humming, chittering and laughing! But where?\n\n[[There! In the water!|Emerge]]
<<set $planet3 = "explored">><<display 'DesertWorld'>>
<<set $planet2 = "explored">><<display 'DesertWorld'>>
<<set $planet1 = "explored">><<display 'DesertWorld'>>
A cop grabs you and bundles you in rope, chuckling as she tightens it around your wrists, knees and ankles. You are annoyed to find your libido having conflicted feelings about this.\n\nThen she dumps you like a sack of potatoes in the back of a hover wagon. The girl you were talking to tumbles into the wagon, too, similarly bound.\n\n"My name's Trudie," she says, squirming to hold your hand.\n\nYou shiver along to the [[Queen's palace.|Captive]]
<<set $planet4 = "explored">><<display 'DesertWorld'>>
"Is this your starship parked in the street sweeping area?" sneers a voice behind you as a gloved hand lands on your shoulder. The girl gasps, and then an almost apologetic look comes over your face. You realize the sounds of moaning are gone now.\n\nTurning around, you come face to face with a squad of cops in leather and jet-black helmets that hide everything except their menacing grins. They're armed with phaser-tasers.\n\n"Oh, hello there. New meat, eh?" says the chief. "The Queen needs some new slutdancers and you look just like her type."\n\n[[Reason with them!|Reason]]\n[[Blast them!!|Blaster]]\n[[Run away!!!|Flee]]
"Lotsa women come through here looking for it. Women pursued by a hunger that won't stop gnawing, carrying a loneliness wider than the spiral and deeper than space."\n\nYou cough to hide a choke of sadness, putting a hand over your face.\n\n"Uh, anyway. It's near here. It's in the Quasar Quadrant."\n\nYou nod at him, afraid your voice will break if you say "thank you." He stares for a minute, smiles, and then melts back into the bar.\n\nAnd you turn to [[your ship.|Starmap5]]
You slide onto a bar stool. The other patrons slink away, muttering. The barkeep rolls all six of his eyes.\n\n"What'll it be, mac? Heh heh."\n\n[["I'll have a Binary Sunrise, on the rocks."|BinarySunrise]]\n[["Make it a Socket Bomb, real strong."|SocketBomb]]
<<display 'Hole'>>\n\n[[Look under a rock.|Rock2]]
You open your starship's door.\n\n"You're looking for Lesbionica, right?" the voice continues.\n\nThat stops you.\n\nYou turn to look at a waify, four-armed kid, silhouetted in the light from the door to Gay World.\n\n[["What do you know about Lesbionica?"|FourArmedInformant]]
Its voice is like all the hidden treasure chests in all the sunken ships in the world creaking open at once, vast and many. Each word is like an era.\n\n"DO YOU"\n\nit begins,\n\n"HAVE A...BOYFRIEND?"\n\n[[AARRRGH!!|LeaveWaterWorld]]
You cautiously slide your hand into your back pocket, then whip out your lasgun!\n\nBLAM!\n\nBefore you can fire, it's blasted out of your hand by a laser-taser snap! Uh oh!\n\n<<display "Captured">>
\n\n//I am the love that dare not squeak its name.//
You turn and look at him, a waify, four-armed kid, thankful again that your shades are hiding your eyes.\n\n"You're looking for Lesbionica - aren't you?" he says.\n\n[["What do you know about Lesbionica?"|FourArmedInformant]]
"Presenting Her Royal Majesty, Queen Veronica Lesbionica."\n\nA woman in red dismounts a smokey throne, stepping forward to assess her new aquisitions. She waggles a jeweled staff like it's a symbol of office.\n\n"Very nice," she says, looking over a nervous Trudie. "And you," she says, her hot red eyes latching to yours. "A new arrival to Our fair planet. Tell me, pet, how do you like it?"\n\n[["It's a paradise."|Paradise]]\n[["It's total shit."|Shit]]
You turn and make a break for it! Your foot hasn't even left the ground before the crack of a laser-taser lights up your body like Space Christmas. You crumple to the ground, your limbs sapped of energy.\n\n<<display "Captured">>
<<display 'ComingUp'>>\n\n"Here you go, little lady." He sets two cups in front of you: a large glass filled with a glowing green liquid and a small one filled with black goop. You take the goop and dump it in the green stuff. You give it a minute, and then sparks start to fly from the cup.\n\nYou take a long swig. Whew! That IS strong! Everything's kind of wobbly now. You almost don't hear the bartender when he asks "Are you looking for Lesbionica?" but the last word jolts you into focus.\n\n[["What do you know about Lesbionica?!"|Barkeep]]
"They offered us wealth, weapons, technology. Well," she smiles and corrects herself, "they offered ME. With only one stipulation. That our people confine ourselves to this one planet, and never threaten the Federation again."\n\nHer eyes gleam.\n\n"And thus, Paradise was born."\n\n[["You sold us out!"|Traitor1]]\n[["They gave you weapons?"|Weapons]]
"Obviously, I had to procure what I needed to keep our new Paradise safe. Technology. Weapons. Wealth. That was part of the deal. I got it all."\n\nShe smiles.\n\n"And you got Paradise."\n\n[["Paradise?? This is exile!"|ParadiseNOT1]]\n[["Wait, weapons?"|Weapons]]
You swing open the metal saloon doors and step into a bar.\n\nIt's full of men. All men, tangled in each others' tentacles. They stare at you like a poo just stepped on their shoe.\n\nThe bartender coughs.\n\n[[Leave.|LeaveBar]]\n[[While I'm at a bar, might as well have a drink.|PatronizeBar]]
Litter on the floor of this room. Some little stone tools. Or are they just rocks? Nothing that strikes you as queer, though.\n\n[[Return to the big room.|CaveIntersection]]
You trample every goddamn flower you see as you storm back to your starship and collect your boots.\n\n[[Alright, what's left?|Starmap4]]
It depicts...\n\nA man and a woman holding hands.\n\n[[ARGH!!|LeaveCaveWorld]]
"I'm no traitor," the Queen hisses. "It's YOU," she thumps her staff, "YOU who seem blind to all of the beautiful privileges we've been given. Do you think you could do any better, child? You seem so eager to throw away everything we've fought for. Our freedom! Our weapons! Our Paradise!"
"Heh heh heh," the Queen chuckles. "We were at war once. Our kind were seen as a threat. The Federation was scared of us. Of how we might change them."\n\nShe smiles to herself.\n\n"So they made an offer, and we accepted."\n\n[["We?"|We]]
Funk this noise! You stomp all the way back to the surface and into your ship.\n\n[[Where's next?|Starmap3]]
"WHAT??? My beautiful planet - SHIT?!"\n\n"The air stinks, the sky's smoggy, and cops kidnap you when you're about to hook up."\n\nShe brandishes her staff at you like she's about to hit you with it. "You don't //knowww//. You don't know what mama went through to get you a planet like this."\n\n[["And what DID mama go through to get a shithole like this?"|Shithole]]\n[["I-I meant...isn't Your Majesty deserving of a greater empire than this one measly planet?|Empire]]