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On a certain day of the week a slimekid will appear in the city alley.

The temple changes on days 14 - 17.

In the Princess Spore scene, at first I was going to let players choose whether to crush or not crush the princess spores, but that didn’t feel like a real choice.

So instead you decide whether you are part of the world or not, which is how complicity works. Once you're part of an institution, a culture, a community, the decision has already been made for you. I don't mean that being with other humans is bad, or that being alone is good - I’m talking about giving up personhood to further the survival of the abstract organization, which cannot feel compassion or mercy. Violence is a powerful group-building activity. It traps us in shared guilt, and weeds out people who put human life before the group.

In real life no one is going to ask if you want to be evil or good. They’ll give you little scripts to justify isolating others, pretexts that disguise hatred with self-righteousness.

When I watch most media there’s this unspoken belief that feminine lifeforms can't survive on their own, can't have spaces of their own, can’t have relationships of their own. I try to go against this with basically everything I make.

WTWLA is a friendship between fems. The game's metadata describes itself as a "romance" but nothing sexual happens, they don't really flirt. I wanted to talk about romantic friendship, about intimacy outside of the binary of platonic/sexual.

The original version had a paulstretched fragment of Lana Del Ray’s God’s & Monsters and I took it out for copyright reasons. I love distorted pop song shards.

I inflect trans lives across my stories. The cyborg bio-implant genitals of Sky in the Room, the estroglyphs of WTWLA, the vampire schoolgirl sucking on estrogenated blood in Love is Zero...imagining practices as unique as each universe.

Beatings, boot camps, school to prison pipeline, autism “cures”, circumcision, deprogramming, hormone poisoning - children are abused as an excuse to "protect" them, or in retaliation for “defiance”.

But punishment isn’t for people who do bad things. Punishment is an energy that flows toward the weak, predictable as water. Punishment happens to those who cannot stop it from happening. It’s a laundering of pain, not a balancing of scales.

The empress theme is me asking Brenda if she remembers the death seduction music from Under the Skin.

The title is from the Bhagavad Gita.

Better to live on beggar’s bread with those we love alive, than taste their blood in rich feasts spread, and guiltily survive

Tasting blood in a rich feast makes me think of how trauma and guilt soaks into everything, sex, movement, touch, sound, the air we breath. That sacrificing others to survive isn’t worth it.