Electronic Literature Collection

Volume One, October 2006
College Park, Maryland: Electronic Literature Organization
ISSN: 1932-2011


N. Katherine Hayles

Nick Montfort

Scott Rettberg

Stephanie Strickland

Design, Editorial, and Production

CD-ROM Cover Designer: Ryan Weafer and Roxane Zargham

Editorial Assistant: John Gill

Thanks to helen DeVinney, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, Steve McLaughlin, Marjorie Luesebrink, and Carol Wald


Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing at the University of Pennsylvania

ELINOR: Electronic Literature in the Nordic Countries

MITH: Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities at the University of Maryland

The Division of Arts and Humanities, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota

College of Letters and Science English Department, The University of California, Los Angeles


Electronic Literature Organization The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1999 to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing, and reading of electronic literature. Since its formation, the Electronic Literature Organization has worked to assist writers and publishers in bringing their literary works to a wider, global readership and to provide them with the infrastructure necessary to reach one another. See: http://eliterature.org

A Web and CD-ROM Publication

The Electronic Literature Collection Volume One has been published (with identical contents) on the web and on CD-ROM. This dual publication is intended to allow the first volume to reach the broadest audience possible and to provide for reading, classroom use, sharing, and reference on and off the network. Anyone can request a free CD-ROM from: Electronic Literature Organization / Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) / B0131 McKeldin Library / University of Maryland / College Park, MD 20742. The Collection is available online at: http://collection.eliterature.org

Creative Commons License

The editors and authors have worked to allow this volume of the Collection to be freely shared, non-commercially, between individuals, libraries, and schools, provided that appropriate attribution is maintained and the works are unmodified.

Creative Commons License The 60 creative works in this publication, along with all images and editorial texts original to volume one of the Collection, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License. Some files not created by Electronic Literature Collection authors but included in the Collection, such as players and interpreters needed to run these works, are licensed differently, as explained on the introduction page for each work.