Frequently Asked Questions about "Hypertext"

1. What is “Hypertext”?

2. What are the Richards Criteria?

3. Who are you?

4. What is the Popular Interpretation?

5. And the Texas/Bush School?

6. Can you summarize the Technosexual Reading?

7. How about the Richards Posttranssexual Rereading?

8. What's the story with the fan fiction and the double murder?

9. Who am I?

9. Who am I?

You—your thoughtful reading, feedback, and ongoing contributions are of course what keep this FAQ alive.

In this sense, you are the real body upon which the text of “Hypertext” is inscribed, and you are so beautiful to me. Please note that the HerHim.org Online Shop now accepts the Discover Card.

You—with their dying breaths the critics called you the transauthorial reader, the hypervirtual reader, the post-deauthorized reader, the <!--HELLO, WE INTERRUPT THIS TEXT TO BRING YOU A FEW WORDS FROM YOUR ‘SPONSORS’ AT HALF/RAH -->


Dear Mr Hellhole&nbsp;

hacking websites & HER/HIM was mere childsplay, just *another day at the office* :-) LOL

but cracking yr FAQ, hacking right into your (not so hyper) TEXT, this is chill yeah this is *sick* man<!>

best of luck,&nbsp;

Hypertext Authors Liberation Front aka RAH ///////////