The Jew's Daughter

Judd Morrissey, with contributions from Lori Talley

The Jew's Daughter

The Jew's Daughter is a work that renegotiates the concept of the hypertext to present a reconfigurative narrative. As the reader moves the mouse over links, segments of a page replace one antoher fluidly, giving the reader the sensation of watching a single page evolve step by step into another kind of textual instrument with its own sense of narrative rhythm.

To Begin ...

Mac: Download and unstuff TJD.sitx and run the file it contains.

Windows: Download and run TJD.exe.

Author description: The Jew's Daughter is an interactive, non-linear, multivalent narrative, a storyspace that is unstable but nonetheless remains organically intact, progressively weaving itself together by way of subtle transformations on a single virtual page.

Instructions: Text is driven by moving the mouse over highlighted keywords. There is a hidden navigation box in the upper right hand corner that can be expanded and used for referencing and accessing specific page-states.

Previous publication: The Jew's Daughter was first published in 2000 on the site

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

The Electronic Literature Lab could not preserve this Flash work in February 2022. We are looking for a solution and plan to preserve it at a later date. To view a playthrough click here.