Internet Text, 1994-
[Through Feb 2, 2006]

Alan Sondheim

Internet Text, 1994- [Through Feb 2, 2006]

For twelve years Sondheim has, as an ongoing project, written, generated, and posted texts online. These texts, provided here, are not multimedia productions or cybertext machines; nor are they a "work" in the way that other pieces in this volume are. Instead, they document a long-standing online performance that interrogates the nature of computer-mediated consciousness and digital textuality.

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Author description: The Internet Text is a continuous meditation on "cyberspace," emphasizing language, body, avatar issues, philosophy, poetics, and code-work. It is written daily and presented on several email lists including Cybermind and Wryting. Many of the pieces within it were created through CMC, interactions with computers and online protocols, and programs.

Instructions: Internet Text consists of text files which are not themselves interactive. Search or browse through the files. They were created in the order Net0 — Net* text, then a-*.txt, then alphabetic; the current file is om.txt. Sondheim writes: "One 'reads' within the files which form an archeology of thinking the 'real,' the 'virtual,' and their deconstruction — any reading in any order is therefore as good as any other."

Previous publication: Sondheim has published the texts of Internet Texts online on mailing lists and on his site,, since 1994.

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