The Unknown: The Orange Line.

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001, 23:29:52
Subject: ok i lied
From: Scott Rettberg
CC: Ira Silverberg, Rob Wittig

about the book… as it progresses… in assembly…

this thing is more massive than death.

and funnier too.

and touching.

I think the guy at Pantheon will wet his sheets.

with a milky white substance.

this thing is better than god.

but not as good as pynchon.

it's going to make an interesting book fer sher.

toilet reading with moments of high edification.


kakutani will tear it up.

at any rate we'll sell the muthafucka like no book has been souled.

we'll read our asses off.

think spot color in usa today.

milli vanilli sold how many albums?

come on.

america is an egress.

we haven't seen enough of this country.

random house owes us a vacation.

i'm going easy on the drugs, saving up.

oh yeah, frank you have to come too.

you don't have a real job now do you.

and the kids will thank you for it dirk.



i mean… .

the unknown time machine.

oh and william is going to be 31.


the end of this project, as i see it—

is a big fat honking book.

you argue about which parts are good which parts are bad.

but it's big.

doesn't suck.

it's got a CD in it.

we'll throw in a couple songs.

it's a noveliz-a-tion of a hypertext novel.

the pages are laid out with care.


it's sold like indie rock.

there are t-shirts and embroidered hats and beer mugs with logos strewn willynilly.

it revives book culture.

it revives the internet as an engine of economic prosperity.

bill clinton gets back in office.

the beatles get back together.

there are posters and there are drinks






sickening decadent hypertext novel META fiction al bull shit sort of a doc ument ary corr e spond ence art is cool look at art live read ings