The Unknown: The Red Line.
  We’d really like to thank all the independent booksellers, and hell, the big chains, too, but especially those feisty little independents trying to make it in the now-corporatized world of bookselling, who have done so much to help us in promoting The Unknown: An Anthology. We realize that our behavior in your bookstores was sometimes painfully embarrassing to you as owners, managers and bookstore employees, and that we occasionally acted in ways that caused damage to both your and our own reputations as serious literary types, and for that, we are sorry. Words, then, cannot express our deeply-felt gratitude for your decision not only to host our readings, but also, even after those fiery occasions, to continue to hand-sell our books to your customers. When asked, “Read anything interesting lately?” you responded with our favorite rhetorical question, “Have you read The Unknown?” It is impossible to thank you enough. You people are the greatest.

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Bookstores, We Apologize
Read 10/23/98
at The University of Cincinnati
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