The Unknown: The Red Line.
  Our gig at Borders was cancelled and so we busked, reading Sylvia Plath as college students and skateboarders wandered by to listen and to throw change into William’s typewriter case.

While there, we were happened upon by the owner of a Half-Price Books on the west side of town, who invited us to read the following day at noon. We crashed at the home of Leigh Orf, and drank some of his homebrew as a great thunderstorm rolled in over Lake Mendota. These were perfect conditions, as we all love storms and Leigh is a meteorologist, who specializes in microbursts, but who can give great color commentary on just about any size storm system. At Half-Price Books, A small gathering of left-wing intellectuals affiliated with the University of Wisconsin each purchased several copies of The Unknown.

We spent the remainder of that gorgeous Sunday drinking Gartenbrau up near the Capitol, and playing frisbee in James Madison Park with Brian Wild. Dirk got humiliated in a poetry slam at the Cellar, then we shamefacedly pounded some Starbucks Kenyan and on to Milwaukee.
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Read 9/5/98
at Mike’s House
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Read 10/23/98
at The University of Cincinnati
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