The Unknown.

Map of the USA
Intrigue in DC Gospel of the Unknown, part the Second How Paul Auster Would Describe Our Time in LA there was speed in San Diego BBQ at Pynchon Place We hit rock bottom in Boston It is Dawn in Appalachia Unknown raid corporate bookstore in Billings In Tuscon there were spiders Beef jerky in Albuquerque Near death in Nebraska Bernstein in Buffalo Dirk had acolytes in Maine the Big Apple Treated us Rotten Oklahoma is Depressing Ronald Johnson is Dead and Buried Actually Said in Ohio North, there are Bookstores Up to Canada there was a Bear We had a reading at the Center for Advanced Study In the Heart of the Heart of Normal Veedersburg Murder City of Big Shoulders on the Make Iowa is easy to spell Milwaukee Madison is on an Isthmus In the South there was some apprehension Ted invited us on a little cruise We met Codrescu in New Orleans We got some press when in Florida Eds Used Cars An old man in Texas Mike drove like a maniac Kerouacky in Denver Mountains are pretty there was trouble in Anchorage Vegas is Expensive Tensions in Seattle Portland has bookstores Portland has bookstores Embrace the Unknown...

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