The Unknown: The Blue Line.

The Blue Line: Sort of a Documentary

Sort of a Cover Letter
A New York agent rejected our manuscript based, we suspect, on the sheer arrogance of this cover letter.

Transcript of the Unknown
Read the conversation we had at the genesis of this project, when we stayed up for two days writing the first 80 pages or so of The Unknown. Strategies revealed, FCC regulations violated, thoughts on hypertext, memory.

We Planted Grass With the Kids
We planted some grass in Scott’s neighborhood and it was real fun.

The Audio of the Photo Shoot
We spent a Sunday in August going around the city of Chicago wearing suits and posing for silly photos. We talked about the ways that we would restructure society if we were in charge. We talked about Chicago. We talked about the hypertext and William’s ancestral origins. We talked about our differences in political philosophy and enjoyment of sports. Dirk is hard of hearing, and Chicago is real noisy, so he couldn’t talk much. Adam Richer, Unknown graphic designer and photographer, was our jovial papparazi companion.

Cincinnati in RealAudio
Late in August, we go play disc golf and talk about what a great town Cincinnati is, and what genre our hypertext is, and stuff like that.

Paul Kotheimer, Unknown Musician
Hypertext novelists aren’t the only talented Unknown artists. Meet Paul Kotheimer, Unknown singer/songwriter, and listen to eight of his songs.

Maestro, the Cat

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