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  S: 10 o’clock, August 29th, Cincinnati, Ohio, I’m here with Dirk Stratton, who still lives in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is actually a very nice town. I think, in the hypertext, we’ve done very little but abuse Cincinnati.

D: Well, that’s because the hypertext was begun in Cincinnati, at a time when you, in particular, could not wait to remove your corporeal being from its confines. As I recall.

S: I wasn’t the one who did all the negativity, though. That was you, wasn’t it?

D: It’s quite likely. I have a vast quantity of negativity for Cincinnati that I spew on a regular basis.

S: I had, you know, that poem that I’d written, that was written several months before, at the height of my negativity period. In Cincinnati.

D: That was a pretty good negative poem.

S: Well, it’s a nice place to visit, I’ve always said that about Cincinnati, and the people who are visiting, ah—

[Dirk laughs.]

D: I’ve always said maybe it’s a nice place to be from.

S: You think that? I wouldn’t go that far.… I think that could be damaging, and really limit your opportunities in terms of experiencing the world, to be from Cincinnati.

D: Well, if you’re from Cincinnati, then that means you’re no longer there, I guess, is my point.

S: Ah. Have you ever met anyone like that?

D: No, I haven’t actually.

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