The Unknown: The Red Line.

Dirk got into a fight with a lady at The News Stand in Quaker Square in Akron. Dirk had made a comment about Denise Levertov, which had displeased her, because, as it turned out, she was Denise Levertov. In short, though reports of this incident have been exaggerated somewhat, Levertov hit Stratton with her purse, which was quite heavy, having in it a hardbound copy of Moby Dick (a copy that Levertov later was accused of trying to steal from this bookstore), and Stratton, a feminist convinced of the equality and even the superiority of women, punched Levertov in the jaw as hard as he could. Levertov was unfazed by this and the elderly poet threw Stratton up against the Gay and Lesbian Studies shelves, which were knocked over. Both were uninjured and, eventually, even signed one another’s books, as police looked on, waiting to take Levertov into custody.


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