The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  oct 30, 1998


be a good man and wise. live simply and well beneath your means. travel little and never drink out.

be modest and humble. be punctual.

do unto others as you would have them do unto gaddis.

live carefully and protect your resources. do not put beverages on your computer table.

discontinue cigarettes and beef and alcohol.

be kind and forthright. be good and stand erect with a firm handshake.

take scissors to your accursed credit cards at once.

finish your degree and get out of the academy.

behave and you shall find someone good, as was proclaimed at the wedding reception.

take the cure. suffer and grow older.

he who eats ramen shall inherit the earth.

a penny saved is a word in print.

fight the good fight. write.

yeah, and try to understand poetry for it is good.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

do not continue to fuck up as i have done.

let us be writers together.

i intend to start a publishing agency. all it will take is a lot of paperwork and a lot of money. did i mention the money?

p.s. ask not what Dirk can do for the unknown. you will find love disappointing enough.

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