The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  Date: Monday, 09 Nov 1998, 16:26:24
Subject: Lightning Print Probably Out
From: Scott Rettberg

Hey William,

I just checked out the Lightning Print site, and I think you’re right, they are cutting self-publishers out of their model. Fuckers. In June, they talk about what a revolution this is for Mom and Pop, and by November, they’ve cut small operations out of the picture altogether. Thus making the optimistic article I wrote about them back in June fucking silly now.

There could be a way around that, if we still found LP the best option, that way is named Curt White, whose press has an arrangement w/ LP and with whom an agreement could probably be made. I also want to find out who else has bought the technology from IBM. They weren’t just selling it to Ingram. There may be operations out there w/ the technology who are focusing more exclusively on small-timers like us. Though they are probably charging more. Fuckers.

Tag on to this that Lightning Print is a subsidiary of Ingram which has now been bought out by Barnes & Noble, and it doesn’t really look like much of a pragmatically or politically viable option.

Anyway, my short-sightedness in gravitating toward one solution is noted. Nothing is easy when there is an entire industry (note to self and fellows: please eliminate said industry from the process) working against your dreams.

Unknown Über Industrialis,


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