The Unknown: The Orange Line.

Date: Thursday, 12 Nov 1998, 15:14:40 (EST)
From: Dirk Stratton
Subject: proofing

Dear Unknown folk—

As Scott has announced to some of you, I have managed to work my thru all of the Unknown (with the exception of the Gospels, which I hope to proof and revise shortly; also, I have not checked the toc pages of the Red Line, Blue Line, etc. or the navbar lists, except the People list, which I glanced at quickly and found some errors). Anyway, I’m certain, that I missed things, so proofing should be an on-going concern. And, some editorial work remains: e.g.: links have to be checked: a massive undertaking; the People list is probably incomplete, despite what looks like a huge effort on Scott’s part to make it comprehensive; the Restaurant site only has about 3 listings, so that must be added to; and the Bookstore list probably should be checked as well and link-ified. Plus, pages galore could be added for cities we’re supposedly visiting, but have not written about. What struck me most during my marathon bushwhacking thru the Unknown is 1) it is a huge accomplishment, and funnier than shit a lot of the time: I laughed and laughed and laughed [there’s also a bunch of fine writing, in several genres: it often lives up to Scott’s repeated mantra: And it was good.] 2) its potential is even greater: so much to do, so much left to do, so much more fun to be had.




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