The Unknown: The Red Line.
  Recipe: Duck Tails in Salamander Syrup

This recipe is a traditional favorite in northern Minnesota. It is best enjoyed outdoors during a thunderstorm. Duck tails come from a species of duck so rare that it has never existed, and so this dish is considered to be quite a delicacy anywhere it has been heard of.

Recipe: Travelers' Breakfast Soup

This recipe is often enjoyed by the Unknown during their travels. Take one hair of the dog that bit you, mix with pulpy mango, blood-red tomato juice and one ground habañero pepper. Mix in one pot of locally roasted coffee, dark. Stir in just a spoonful of bile. Complement with powdered sugar, cocaine, or speed. Find the bong hidden under the driver’s seat. Smoke a cigarette from a sleeping friend’s pack. Play a bootleg of “I Shall Be Released” by Sweet Honey in the Rock. Drink. Smoke. Rest. Have a piece of beef jerky. Ask Dirk if he’d mind driving a spell.

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