The Unknown: The Red Line.
  We were worried that Dirk wasn’t writing enough, but then Dirk spent some time writing a poem, completely uninhibited, just whatever came to mind, with stanzas labeled by color. It was not a very good poem, but he wrote it very quickly, in about 8 minutes. It was very reassuring to see him writing again.

Oh yeah? Sez who.
Red says, cascading back
Into the darkness which
Is red.

Blue. Says who?
Who says, rippling forward
Into the light which
Is blue.

Violet is lacking.

Yellow seems mellow,
Orange says, creeping sideways
Into the murk which

Is yellow.

Green? Who says?
Says green, growing forth,
Into the life which
Is green.

A poem attributed to Dirk Stratton, Oct. 25, 1998, 3 a.m., but actually written by his arch-nemesis and fellow collaborator on The Unknown: Scott “T The Shagmeister” Rettberg.
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Dirk’s Color Poem
Read 4/19/99
at Priceless Books, Urbana, IL

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