The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  Date: Wednesday, 4 June 1997, 11:10:09 (EDT)
Subject: Dear Frank We Are Pleased to Announce

Please, please, let me explain:

I dance at Raves. It is all I do.
My drugs, those I manufacture at home.

You overstate the case w/r/t my attidute toward Professor Krass-Mueller. He is a good teacher, a man, a man, a Blues Explosion Man.

Please do call when you are in town and perhaps we can explore this thing that you call “Blues.”

I can be reached at home. I can be reached at work. In the yellow pages, there is a holographic image of me under the name, “Franks.” My face on a hotdog, in three dimensions.

The hot dog stand is a front for other sublime activities.

Reading Pynchon.

Raw milk cheese tastings.

Love, as in l-u-v, making.

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