The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  Subject: Cool are is media electronic
Date: Wednesday, 10 June 1998 08:17:06
From: Frank Marquardt
To: Scott Rettberg

Guys, I was having sex with my girlfriend when it happened—or about to have sex. I was actually out drinking beer with my buddy Dave. We were at a bar. Then my girlfriend met us and then we went home, I got your messages—in my Mission District Apartment, here in San Francisco—then we had sex and it was GOOD. You know I like you guys, you know it. Why didn’t you take an airplane on your book tour visit, though, is what I want to know? You know what the other hypertext problem I’m having is? I don’t have email at home. It fucks me up. So that should go in the story, too. You guys visited me by phone and I thought, that’s fucked up, I don’t have email at home, fuck. Is what I thought. And the other thing, you can’t drink beer over hypertext, but you can in San Francisco. Fucked up. Hey, it’s a pleasure being famous by association. Thanks for taking me along on the book tour. My brother also left a message on the machine: he got two dogs. But that’s in Sacramento, not SF, I don’t know if you stopped there. Should I say more? What happens next?


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