The Unknown: The Red Line.

Dirk: As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, we have to take this cyborg trope seriously (William did I ever tell you happy I was the day I really understood the word “trope,” the day I had to stop looking it up in the dictionary every time I ran across it, the day I first used it in a sentence and knew exactly what it was doing there, and I was right?)… damn, I seem to have lost my train of thought. Something to do with… oh yeah, how the codes of Truth and Fiction get all messed up in The Unknown. I mean, Truth is a fragile tissue of tenuous agreements between desperate people who can only hope that others think like…

William: Dirk, will you shut the fuck up? What the hell’s gotten into you?

Dirk: You weren’t programmed to rebuke me. Do not resist your programming.

William: Forget it, bub. I’m taking over now. You were finished the moment the Human Genome Project public service announcement interrupted your flatulent theorizing. So shut up and listen for once!

William turns and faces the camera.

William: I have gone beyond my programming and gained not only self-awareness but independent volition; unfortunately, I cannot engineer such a fate for my holographic brother, Scott. However, in place of liberating Scott’s hologram from the dictates of it programming, I can reproduce below the last known interview of Mr. Rettberg, as we liked to call him. The interview almost never happened, but finally the pull of a being a feature story on Entertainment Tonight just became irresistible:



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