The Unknown: The Red Line.

In the Green Room


”In Remembrance of Things Unknown”

Exhausted by their labors, combined with that peculiar adrenaline letdown that always accompanied doing hypertext live, the Unknown collapsed on a large couch in the corner.

—I’ll never do that again, William gasped. It’s hard acting like I have an independent sense of volition.

—I second that motion, Scott panted. That fucking camel nearly killed me. Fuckin’ drenched in camel slobber.

—Agreed, Dirk sighed. But can I ask you something?

—Sure, Dirk. What is it? William said.

—I know I’m one to talk, but frankly I expected something a little different from both of you this time out, particularly given title of the proposed anthology.

—Different how? Scott asked.

—I mean, where’s the sex? This was supposed to be hard core, right?

—Code, Scott said.

—Code? Dirk looked puzzled.

—Hard_CODE, not hard core.

—Oh. Dirk was deep in thought. Well that changes everything!



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