The Unknown: The Purple Line.
  Unknown, you're the only one I can talk to
Unknown, I await your observations
Unknown I present to you my used up mind
Saturated on caffeine and digital video
Were it not for your rock and roll energy
I would be enervated thoughtless
An obsequious syntax of action
Twists the lift into drag
Do you die because
You have to or because
You saw everybody else doing it first?
I bought my own imagination
I paid top dollar
An exorbitant calculus whose decelerating
Rate of change was always a curve away
Unknown floated me through the blood neon whiskeybars
Entrails of city meat
Here in the middle where
A weedy lot may go untouched
I was hoping she would know
But I have to be true
Forgive me whenever
I wish I had four ears
What can I think of true to say?

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