The Unknown: The Blue Line.
  So our appointment at the MacArthur Foundation didn’t go completely according to plan. We got there, and they wouldn’t even let us in the door!

We were kind of irritated, but we had our picture taken there anyway. Scott later got a call on the cell-phone from Melissa Hargrove, who was a receptionist for the Foundation. Apparently, they’d taken one look at our work and determined that we were not geniuses. So they wouldn’t give us any grants. But Melissa really liked what we were doing, she said it was very cool, and so she faxed us a list of MacArthur Fellows who she thought might let us crash at their place during our book tour. This was a great list, complete with names and phone numbers, which we put to great use. Melissa could get fired over something like this, so don’t tell her bosses.

Maybe someday we’ll get funded for our work, but for now, just getting to hang with all those geniuses is reward enough. Thanks, Melissa!

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