The Unknown: The Blue Line.
  S: It’s a famous bookstore. It’s, ah, famous for several reasons. Adam?

A: One of Chicago’s best independent bookstores, selling a combination of both used and new books, more used than new.

S: And Myopic Joe is the owner?

A: Yes.

S: And he’s famous as well. He’s in the hypertext novel.

A: He’s also famous for his late night chess championships that they have in the basement of Myopic Books on a weekly basis.

D: I don’t recall reading about Myopic Joe in the hypertext. What happened?

S: Well, we just go into his store right now, but that’s gonna be revised, to include the man himself.

D: I see.

S: The whole Chicago area of the hypertext is just a sketch right now.

W: I should point out that when you’re reading the hypertext, and you’re looking at the photographs, they weren’t actually photographs taken at the time of the book signing. They are reconstructions of that event. However, because we were reconstructing the event before it ever took place, which was how the book tour was written, it’s actually a pre-construction. A historical pre-enactment, if you will.

D: Pre-historical?

W: Myopic Books, where I bought Julio Cortazar’s Nicaraguan Sketches.

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