The Unknown: The Orange Line.
  Date: June 24, 1998
From: Scott Rettberg
Subject: Re: scott lives but not well

gillespie william k wrote:
> are you still alive? have you sunk into a deep depression?
Yes—my roommate pulled out of Chicago—so I spent a week not finding an apartment. Got your letter—could you email it to me too—then I can stick it in the unknown.

have you
> OD’d? did you die in a car wreck on I57? are you having a crisis of
> identity being out of school for the second (and last) time in your life?
> will you get me a copy of Oulipo: A Primer of Potential Literature, Warren
> F. Motte, Ed., so I can review the new edition?
Yes. I’ll call them once I get my review of Curt’s book done.
> will you post our novel?
> are you surrendering to corporate america?

Yes, as soon as they give me a job.
> hello?
It’s also so hot that in my boxed-up chaotic apartment I swelter and need to go eat out which I can’t afford just so I can sit in AC. Have I mentioned I love fall but hate summer? I’ll get the Unknown online before I leave town here. This hell.
——————————— Scott

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