The Unknown: The Red Line.
  Day 3
I can’t feel my legs. I am the cast-off aborted fetus of society. I hate myself. This food is so bad I can’t shit it. I am afraid. There is a hole in the center of the floor of my cell. There is no toilet paper.

Day 4
I remember that scene in Slaughterhouse 5 with the brave British prisoners of war, who shaved every day and who were very well mannered. This is not that.

Day 6
Alaska. I used to know a joke about Alaska.

Day 7
I must surely be mad.

Day 8
Marla, Marla, Marla, Marla, Where are you Marla? When we need you? Fellows! Tap tap tap. Would have thought it too cold for rats this size.

Day 9
These voices. These commands. This revelation. Listen! Risen! I! Risen! Dirk! is I am I! One who is I am! I see! See I see! Yes I Yes! I Dirk I am! Risen I am Risen. What need have we for gods? For leaders? See yes I see. Ego no Id Ego transformed Ego destroyed! All one! All one! I in all! I in one! Dirk I am. Yes, children, yes. I show you will the way! Will the Way! Dirk I am he is risen I am. There is more to this than is known to your philosophy. Dirk is one! Dirk is all! Dirk I am! I, Dirk, am I!


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