The Unknown: The Red Line.

We are pleased to be announcing the winner of the Schneerz hypertext novel-writing contest for international high school students and teenagers. The winning hypertext novel is a very spirited and lively romp through virtual space. It is being entitled “(The) Unknown” and was written by three different authors! The first author, Dirk Stratton, is fifteen years old, was born in former Yugoslavia, and has just received his Ph.D. in Unknown Poet Studies from the University of Cincinnati. His dissertation is about Ronald Johnson. Nice going Dirk! The second author of this very good and very funny hypertext novel is Scott Rettberg. Scott turned thirteen last year and he, too, has just finished his doctorate. Scott is from Dubuque. What a scholar! The third author, William Gillespie, is forty-nine and is working on his G.E.D. He is also the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein by birth. Three cheers for three very good hypertext novelists from all of us here at Schneerz! Each of the three winners has received a brand new red three-speed Schwinn and a MacArthur Genius Grant. Just click on the animated duck to read this good novel.


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