The Unknown: The Red Line.
  Tomorrow we start our tour. I sure am excited. I doubt I’ll get much sleep. I have to try not to drink too much on this tour, or do much in the way of drugs. But I don’t think I’ll have a problem doing that. I wonder if we’ll meet any famous people. Listen to me, I sure sound childish. But I can’t help it. Wow. A book tour. I’d better rest up, I’m gonna need it. Maybe just a couple of fingers of scotch will help me sleep.

I talked to my mother yesterday. She is very disappointed in me. But I said: hey, I’m an adult, so if I want to act like a little kid then that’s my sovereignty, dig? There are a lot of loose ends that I’m not going to be able to tie up before we leave. I forgot to find a cat-sitter so I am just going to open ten sixty-pound bags of Iams and ten sixty-pound bags of kitty litter, and just clean everything up when I get back. I suppose I should pay rent.


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