The Unknown: The Purple Line.

Frank, Poet and WriterWe can describe a few of the internal mechanisms. There is most noticeably and insistently the smile. It emerges as a kind of inexorable lava. No one can explain it.

There is the pronunciation of faculty as “fawklety.” Can this be traced to tissue in the brain?

The hands move when he talks. Think of a tablet of Vivarin given animation and body, how it moves.

Experience might tell us more. As a child he wanted to be a traffic cop. A mailman. First, last, and always. And time passed.

He studied gummi, the history of thongs, and flour. Standing on his head, using a wall for support, he proclaimed: “It’s a supernova. We pretend it’s a galaxy.”

The biography is now complete. Thank you for your time and money. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your money. Thank you.


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