The Unknown: The Red Line.
  What Frank Said:

—We should be subservient to the needs of the state. The state’s bigger, means more. I’m a believer in nationalism. But one worldwide nationalism, not individual ones. The state is the earth, the galaxy. Its populations are like its internal organs, and they need to function together, like a huge ecosystem. We’re too many people. We can break, we can be reborn. It’s not a problem to give birth to a million babies, it happens all the time. Not one person, but a lot of people, a lot of pregnant women. Straight lines, right angles, everything white, and top-down command structures. You know what I’m saying. This is bullshit, so what, I’m fucked up. Fuck you, you want to fight me on this one? You want to get your ass kicked?

Frank’s eyes rolled up into his head, disappearing for nine minutes. When they fell back down, they were beet-red and manic. Frank began rubbing them. Then he leaned back and was snoring.

What Was Heard:

[Text of Orwell’s 1984 here.]

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