The unknown: the blue line. unknown
  D: Oh, since the tape recorder’s on, I don’t want to forget to—don’t forget the point that we made last night, we were making last night, about the three Cs triangle axis of this literary movement: the Champaign, Chicago, Cincinnati triangle, and then, the connection with Frank, in San Francisco. So we have the long arrow-shaft, basically, from San Francisco connected to the triangle arrow-head point, so it is a literary movement that is in the heart of—
[We’ve arrived at Mounty Airy Forest now.]
I can’t believe it! They’ve got a volleyball net in the middle of the fairway of the 9th hole? What sacrilege! It’s a picnic!

S: Some people don’t take this sport seriously enough.

D: I know. Scumbags. Oh well.

S: Yeah, so we are sort of an arrow through the heart of America, basically.

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The Unknown: An Arrow Through the Heart of America
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