The Unknown: The Red Line.
  The Unknown in Todays Society

The unknown is a very interesting but important issue in todays society. Being that the unknown is a hypertext novel on the world wide net, which is computers. The unknown involves many controversial drugs, such as PCP or nicotene.

When I read this great hypertext novel I was alarmed. Art you see is sometimes very ugly indeed. But beautiful. Being that the art is what makes us truly human, but demented and strange.

The first reason I think the unknown should not be allowed on the world wide computer is because of the kids of todays’ society. To assure that they grow up not peculiar writers, such as the unknown. The unknown is also very graphic. Sometimes it is not very moving, at other times very. A writer once said “America I smoke marijuana every chance I get.” It certainly must be true.

Another thing about the unknown is that it is very hard to describe. Sometimes there is a map but you don’t know where you are on it. Other times there is too much writing or lists of unknown items such as bookstores. The unknown is very weird and sometimes haunting. But bad for the kids.

In conclusion I think the unknown is a very hypertext novel in the society.

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