The Unknown: The Red Line.

Chapter the Second

1And “Dirk” went west, from Chicago, through Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Wyoming, up into Idaho, over into Washington, all the while seeking signs, keys to the kabbalistic mysteries that tormented his increasingly frictioned fiction.

2And the signs became manifest. And “Dirk” interpreted the signs and thereby found his destiny.

3His “death” would be of the Weekly World News Elvis variety, a hoax, a way of escaping the demands of celebrity and worship, a means of procuring the time necessary to go west agatherin’ insight.

4But was he dead already? Had his demise been described?

5Or was such thinking premature?

6“Dirk” wept.

7Then blew his nose, loudly and poorly. Mucous coated his mustache and made it as large as Nietzsche’s, though of a different color, of course.

8And “Dirk” examined his notes and discovered the Book of Signs.



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