The Unknown: The Red Line.
  Terry Gilliam wants to film the hypertext.
Francis Ford Coppola wants in on the Project,
and James Cameron just sent in a large bid
I don’t know, William
I think we should go with Gilliam
Because I really like Time Bandits and Brazil
And he’s got a good sense of surreality
So we could play up the Dada element
On the other hand,
Cameron is a nut on verisimilitude,
So we could count on an in-depth treatment,
and no bullshit from the producers.
And there’s always Coppola who let’s
Face it is pretty much king out here.
There is media, and I are confused.
Pull out. Pull out of the coma.
So you can help us decide.


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Media Confusion
Read 4/20/99
at Illinois State University
90K RealAudio Clip

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