The Unknown: The Purple Line.
  Suggested Paper Topics For The Hypertext of the Unknown

On the Hypertext of the Unknown, there are a lot of words and pictures of these three writers. Using crayons, draw a picture of the unknown, and tell your teacher a little story about planting grass with them, so she can write it down next to the pictures that you draw.
1-3 Grade:
You’re learning how to read, so now you can learn lots of big new words that even your parents don’t know! Find a page on the Hypertext of the Unknown that has a lot of confusing big words. Using your American Heritage Dictionary, look up the definition (what the words mean) of five big words. Then use all of those words in sentences that make up a story of your own! Then write it in cursive writing. Spelling counts!
4-6 Grade:
Write a book report on the Hypertext of the Unknown. Who are the main characters? What happens to them? What details do you think are important? Do the pictures help you understand the story better? How is this Hypertext different from most of the books your teachers make you read?
7-8 Grade:
The Hypertext of the Unknown has been called “one of the most challenging works of the late late twentieth century.” Some critics have called it, “exuberant and revitalizing” while others have said it is “juvenile and sophmoric.” One critic named George Will even called it “dangerous.” Using quotes from the hypertext, explain how you think these critics drew their conclusions. Do you think the Unknown is more or less “challenging”, “revitalizing” or “dangerous?” Also, what are some its themes? Extra credit: what does “sophmoric” mean? Use “sophmoric” in a sentence of your own.

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