The Unknown: The Red Line.
  There he was riding his bicycle, I only went home to say hi to my mother and father and brother and there’s Bill Vollman riding his bicycle out of his garage which is next door to the Haley’s, do you know the Haley’s? In high school me and my friends would drive by their house and yell out Maureen, she was a daughter there, we’d yell out her name. She was an anorexic-looking girl and I don’t know why, we didn’t dig her, we’d yell her name out of John’s BMW 2002 and laugh like it meant something, like it was funny, then we’d go driving down the street crashing into leaf piles, hooting, this was years before I met Scott and William, these were the teenage years everybody talks about when I was just discovering drink in my hometown and Scott in his and William in his and Dirk in his were doing the same, call it guru-prep in Dirk’s case, these were the years I’ve forgotten but know like I don’t know them, the true known unknown years, like that even fucking matters.  

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