The Unknown: The Red Line.

The articulation is simple. You go through life not knowing. It’s like this: You could be this or this. And you are this and this. You live as this and this. The decisions are ultimately arbitrary. They fall into some huge order but how can it be ordered, it’s too much to be ordered. It’s mutations and DNA and genes and one sperm not another. That’s who you are. The product of an infinite impossibility. It’s not a jest. And yet you are. So it comes down to this: This point in time. You the you that’s you now. But could it be you forever? It would never again be the same. The staggering variations of the rain forest of the human population of the population of rodents thus amounts to what it is. Maybe this is why de Selby said the word judgment could not feasibly exist in an unordered or ordered environment regardless of whether or not it was or was not intended by a divine creature. Regardless of the conditions, if this was this was not this or this there could be no word judgment. We’re wrong to think we know. It’s why the wise ones all say they know nothing. Disturbing to think on your last breath everything you did, all you were, was not you. This is what Dirk said. This is how he said it. And we sat watching, eyes rolling into our heads, too drunk to really pay any attention or hear.

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