The Unknown: The Red Line.

William Gillespie
Publisher, The Unknown Press/Urbana Office

Director of Unknown Documentation
Coordinator of Aleatory Events
Facilitator, Unknown Political Action Committee
Supervisor of Central Illinois Distribution Center
Liaison with Unknown Potentiality, Inc.
Founder of OuLiPo, Illinois
(Language Poetry-Based Utopian Community Near Marion, Illinois)

Scott Rettberg
Publisher, The Unknown Press/Chicago Office

Director of Strategic Creative Thinking
Press Manipulation Coordinator
Executive in Charge of Hypertext Engineering and Manufacturing
Supervisor of Feckless Fictions Committee
Liaison with Known Quantities, Inc.
Founder of Neighburger
(First Free-Range Beefburger/Neighborhood Revitalization Chain in the Urban Midwest)

Dirk Stratton
Publisher, The Unknown Press/Cincinnati Office
Messiah, Church of the Unknown
Director of Unknown Theology
Editor-in-Main, Unknown Poetry
Originator of Unknown Criticism
Coordinator of Profound Editing Department
Author of I’m Okay, You’re Okay, Infinite Jest is Okay, Too, But Ezra Pound is Not Okay and Ark, the Coloring Book.
Benevolent Dictator, Small Island Nations Within My Means, Inc.

Frank Marquardt
Vice President in Charge of Vice
The Unknown Press/San Francisco Office

Director, Carnal Education Center
CEO, Known Quantities, Inc.
Chief of Unknown Translation
Unknown Drug Czar
Comptroller, Unknown Europe
Founder, The Unknown Switzerland Detoxification Facility for Creative Writers
Inventor, the 144 Step Unknown Wellness Program

Adam Richer
Director of Unknown Photography/Chicago Office
Vice President in Charge of Urban Networking
Founder, No Time Magazine
Unknown Midwest Social Gatherings Coordinator
Kibbutz Consultant

Katie Gilligan
President, Unknown Fan Club/Cincinnati Office
Director of Unknown Artistic Development
Official Unknown Prodigy

Brian Hagemann
Director of Covert Network Operations/Undisclosed Location

Coordinator of Luddite Web Services

Joseph Futrelle
Director of Impractical Research/Urbana Compound

Unknown Systems Administrator
CEO, Unknown Audio

Sam Patterson
Senior Account Executive

Trade Show Management

Marla Kleingeld
Our Publicist
Patience and Media Guru
Crisis Management


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