The Unknown: The Red Line.
  As I recall back those years ninety and eight, ninety and nine, ought, ought one and ought two, we were yes they were, days of our lives they were, clear as a bell, yes you too, William, clear as a bell, there were, there were, streams and rivers there mountains and women in France there were songs and womens and oh hellfire and damnation cults and readings but things do slip yes those writers them Garcia Jerry yes correct that ah yeah read books Gaddis, that Burroughs character ah yes mugwump jizzum that Reagan ah bullshit what what’s that you say ninety and nine that year was and we lost as well several cast members of Saturday Night Live year before a curse I say a curse that show to be talented on it was death. Yes dammit, yes, love. Such a time it was as that and how she was. She was how she was and I remember, yes insulin. And then how the end came. And how it lasted time. I don’t know what. I don’t know what time no I don’t know. Time I remember she said time she cried. No that’s not time, that’s not was. That’s not how it was when she left she said. She said yes and there was love and time the balloon had not yet filled up yes it was filling and loving and then just then it had just then begun to rise and it fell and then and then and then now what was what is what is what was what then was what and then now is now and then now is what no what now what now it hurts ow now ow where’s my fucking nitrogylcerin I’m having another heart attack.…  

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