The Unknown: The Red Line.
  TWe had some meetings in New York. People wanted to talk. People in the Ruling Class, basically. Which is not what The Unknown is all about. But when people want to talk, you talk. There were meetings with Andrew Wylie and Leslee Dart. We already had a publicist, and were pretty much cool working without an agent, but you talk. James Truman wanted to talk about pieces for the Condé Nast Traveler, which we had some interest. Bob and Harvey Weinstein had movie interest. Matthew Marks wanted us to do art live in his gallery. Sure, why not? Judy McGrath wanted us to do a Real World type thing called Real Unknown on MTV. No thanks, but we did guest VJ a couple times. Steve Zelnick turned out to be a real cool cucumber, smooth, aggressive, a pretty analytical, MBA kind of guy. Not necessarily to be trusted, but he’s big media, we might deal with him in the future, we might do CDs, we might do books on tape, orchestral arrangement, that type thing. Who knows? At any rate, it was after those meetings that we decided to incorporate. Which was a wise move, financially, before we made the film.  

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