Nio by Jim Andrews On Lionel Kearns by Jim Andrews Stir Fry Texts by Jim Andrews Cruising by Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar Urbanalities by babel and escha Code Movie 1 by Giselle Beiguelman The Set of U by Philippe Bootz and Marcel Frémiot Jean-Pierre Balpe ou les Lettres Dérangées by Patrick-Henri Burgaud
The Cape by J. R. Carpenter Translation by John Cayley, with music by Giles Perring windsound by John Cayley wotclock by John Cayley, with photographs and additional production by Douglas Cape Accounts of the Glass Sky by M.D. Coverley Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky by Sharif Ezzat Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales by Edward Falco, with photograms by Mary Pinto and design by Will Stauffer-Norris [theHouse] by Mary Flanagan
Generative Poetry by geniwate, with text and images from When You Reach Kyoto by Brian Kim Stefans Rice by geniwate, with photos by Oscar Ferriero White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares by Loss Pequeño Glazier Soliloquy by Kenneth Goldsmith Frequently Asked Questions about "Hypertext" by Richard Holeton open.ended Daniel C. Howe and by Aya Karpinska All Roads by Jon Ingold my body — a Wunderkammer by Shelley Jackson, with sound by John Wesley Harding and HTML coding by Ken Fricklas
Twelve Blue by Michael Joyce Faith by Robert Kendall Carving in Possibilities by Deena Larsen, with sounds from Matt Hansen Girls' Day Out by Kerry Lawrynovicz Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw by Donna Leishman RedRidinghood by Donna Leishman Landscapes by Bill Marsh Lexia to Perplexia by Talan Memmott
Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] by Talan Memmott Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs by Maria Mencia The Jew's Daughter by Judd Morrissey, with contributions from Lori Talley Reagan Library by Stuart Moulthrop Dreamaphage (Versions 1 and 2) by Jason Nelson Stud Poetry by Marko Niemi Oulipoems Millie Niss with Martha Deed 10:01 by Lance Olsen and Tim Guthrie
Project for Tachistoscope [Bottomless Pit] by William Poundstone Inanimate Alice, Episode 1: China by Kate Pullinger and babel carrier (becoming symborg) by Melinda Rackham and Damien Everett Whom the Telling Changed by Aaron A. Reed myBALL by Shawn Rider
Electronic Literature Collection Volume One
Diagrams Series 6: 6.4 and 6.10 by Jim Rosenberg
Bad Machine by Dan Shiovitz Galatea by Emily Short Savoir-Faire by Emily Short Internet Text, 1994- [Through Feb 2, 2006] by Alan Sondheim Star Wars, one letter at a time by Brian Kim Stefans The Dreamlife of Letters by Brian Kim Stefans
ii — in the white darkness: about [the fragility of] memory by Reiner Strasser and M.D. Coverley Dawn by Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim Tao by Reiner Strasser and Alan Sondheim Strings by Dan Waber I, You, We by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble Regime Change by Noah Wardrip-Fruin, David Durand, Brion Moss, and Elaine Froehlich The Fall of the Site of Marsha by Rob Wittig Storyland by Nanette Wylde